Chicago Food & Retail Union Launched

Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets!!!

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On Thursday November 15th we the food and retail workers of Chicago joined together, stepped out of the shadows and onto the Magnificent Mile and our intent to fight for $15/hour and a union contract. We began the day with worker leaders representing over a hundred stores holding a founding convention and approving a proclamation creating a new union for downtown food and retail workers the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago.

We, are no longer willing to struggle in silence and will fight for just compensation and dignified treatment that all hardworking Americans deserve! Now during the most profitable season of the year, we are joining together to “Fight for 15” and show everyone the real cost our employers, large retail and food chains, are having on our lives, our city and our families.

Read the complete Workers Organizing Committee Proclamation here.

Coverage of the Launch of Fight for15:

Chicago Tribune (Nov 14, 2012) Fight for $15′ to begin Thursday in Chicago by Erick Zorn

La Prensa (Nov. 15, 2012) Trabajadores reclaman salario mínimo de 15 dólares por hora en Illinois

Univision (Nov. 15, 2012) Empleados-tiendas-centro-chicago-mejores-salarios

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