Guess My New Year’s Resolution!

As a low-wage worker, I am committed to demanding higher wages for fast food and retail workers so I can support my family and build a safer Chicago.

A commitment requires all the emotional and physical connections required to do the hard work that stands in front of us. I struggle to make ends meet by working two part-time jobs.

The Fight for 15, while a just and worthy cause, faces many obstacles – corporate power, a misunderstanding of fast food & retail work, a struggling economy…

The truth of it all is that each of those obstacles are reasons to commit to this cause. We all need to join together whether we are workers, family members, or friends to realize this goal. Like all food and retail workers, I know I deserve more and we should demand higher wages! So commit to this cause with me.

The first step is simply to sign the petition and send it to five other people. That’s all I am asking of you today. We can start our commitment to the Fight for 15 today… together.

Sign it and forward it to five friends & family members.

Happy New Year’s,

Ja’me Moore
WOCC member

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