Amie Crawford: Fact of Life for Me

I am 56 and I may never be able to retire.

After working as an interior designer for over 30 years, the recession forced me into the food service industry. I am making minimum wage and I can’t make ends meet. I have to use the retirement fund I built up during my career to bridge the gap. I applied for tons of interior design positions and one food service job.  Protein Bar hired me on the spot for full-time work but I have never seen 40 hours in one week. In fact, I only worked 16 hours last week.

The reality is that the jobs created during the economic recovery have mostly been in food and retail services. These are jobs like mine, that require hard work and excellent customer service. It has been almost a year since I joined the Protein Bar Team and in that time the company has doubled in size because of the hard work of low-wage workers.

This is why I Fight for 15! The infographic above highlights just one of the many facts I face as a low-wage worker. There are nine more that everyone needs to know – whether you work in one of these jobs or you’re a retail or fast food customer. I ask you to join me in the Fight for 15 by sharing the 10 Facts of Life for Low-Wage Retail & Fast Food Workers with your friends on Facebook.

I stand with my fellow workers and WOCC members. We live with these facts each day. Let’s change the facts of life for low-wage workers!

In Solidarity,
Amie Crawford

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