Barely Getting By as Costs Increase

As a low-wage worker and member of WOCC I am inspired to fight for 15 so we all can make ends meet.

I am a full-time student at UIC and dream of one day starting my career that will enable me to live the American Dream. I have worked at All Saints for almost two years and I have not received a raise. The cost of living is constantly increasing and I am struggling to make ends meet. Low-wage jobs like mine simply do not cut it. I must work 116.5 hours a month to pay for a CTA bus pass, phone bill, and rent for a small studio apartment that I rarely see.

The Fight for 15 aims to help all low-wage workers better make ends meet. Did you know it takes nearly a full day of work for the average low-wage worker to earn the amount that Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Michael Jeffries, will make in a few seconds. This is just one of the facts of life for the low-wage worker.

You may have already seen the email from Amie the other day but these are important aspects we encounter each day. There are more that we can share if you have not so already.

The infographic above shows the bleak truth for us as low-wage workers. We can and must do better. I ask you to join me in the Fight for 15 by sharing the 10 Facts of Life for Low-Wage Retail & Fast Food Workers with your Friends of Facebook. We need you to help spread the word. These are our facts of life.

I stand with my fellow workers and WOCC members. We live with the facts each day. Let’s change the facts of life for low-wage workers!


Darius Smith
WOCC Member

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