Time to hit the keyboard

There are times to hit the streets to Fight for 15—and there are times to hit the Share button!

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites are all great tools for spreading the word about our union and our fight for a living wage. And you can get the word out without having to brave the bitter cold. 

Check out some of our social media successes below:

– The mission driven social media site Upworthy highlighted our Top Ten Facts Facing Low-Wage Workers leading to an explosion of traffic to our website and more people learning about our struggle for a living wage.

– We’ve been featured on HuffPost Live on three different occasions with a half dozen of our workers telling their stories. Check out just one of them here.

– Our workers are sharing their stories on video—and Lorgio, Addonis, Arsonisto and Brittney even wrote a song together!

Feeling inspired? Here are some easy ways to spread our social media presence–and get more people involved in the Fight for 15:

– Share the Top Ten on Facebook or like our page.

– Retweet us on Twitter, or tell folks to follow us.

– Spread the word about our YouTube channel.

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