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3 thoughts on “THANK YOU!

  1. I was happy to see a group trying to make a difference and demand a livable wage from large corporations making more money than they know what to do with but you ask them to share and they’ll slap your hand! They could care less that you bust your butt everyday hoping to get a raise or promotion and provide a decent life for yourself and family! Not all treat their employee’s like garbage I worked for a very large and well known company and they treated everyone the same and provided us with many rewarding benefits I feel were even above and beyond other places I’ve worked! But the reality is not all acknowledge their employee’s are the reason they became a success and instead treat them like garbage only hindering their selves because they will have a slew of disgruntled and unmotivated workers, you would think as smart as they think they are they would have realized if your employee’s enjoy working for u and take pride in their job and the business they work for it will only be beneficial! You’ll have much more long term employee’s who only get better at what they do the longer they’re w/the company and you won’t have to continue to fund training programs for new employee’s because your turn over rate is so high, or the angry employee may stay instead of quit but they are not going to care at all about the job their doing and are going to give minimal effort to get their disgraceful pay! Lets change this please, I read our President Mr. Obama had presented a proposition that we raise min wage to $10/hr because stats proved with inflation and cost of living wages and the rate everything else has risen we should already be at a national $10.50/hr which is appalling and makes me angry that so many greedy people would rather continue to stack their millions and billions often in offshore accounts rather than help a fellow citizen provide properly for their family and not have to apply for welfare even though they’re employed!!!

  2. Is your organization only for workers in Downtown Chicago? I live in the Western Suburbs, and I know that I would love to be part of such an organization. I also know several people out here who would also be interested. Any info would be appreciated!

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