Join the Fight for $15 an Hour!

We are the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago (WOCC) a union of Chicago retail and food workers who have come together to fight for respect and a livable wage of $15.00 an hour. We represent over 100 different employers, our backgrounds and stories differ greatly but we have all struggled to survive and support our families despite our hard work.

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Click Here to Join Our Fight for the Following:

  • DIGNITY & RESPECT: We deserve to be recognized and acknowledged as hardworking employees who make a valuable contribution—not ignored or treated as cogs in a machine.
  • LIVABLE WAGE OF $15 AN HOUR: We demand an hourly wage of no less than fifteen dollars an hour, the minimum wage that will provide for our most basic needs.
  • FAIR CONTRACT: We demand that that our employers negotiate a fair contract with our newly formed union.

12 thoughts on “Join the Fight for $15 an Hour!

  1. You definitely deserve support!
    Way to go! Keep fighting, learning, struggling to move ahead, and confronting the greedy
    ceo/corp Tycoons and shareholders who could not care less about us.

  2. I read Ms. Teague’s op ed piece in the Chicago Sun-Times today. I am a Chicago lawyer and I have filed many lawsuits seeking to recover wages owed by restaurants and national retailers. Some of the retailers I have sued are Express, Lids, Nautica and Victoria’s Secret. Let me know what I can do to help your orginazatiom.

  3. As an employee of J. Crew at 900 N. Michigan, I cannot begin to express what this movement means to me. I see people every day in my job who are (especially in January and February) worried about paying their bills and their rent and scraping the money together for groceries when “business is slow.” I have been given 8 hour work weeks for THE LAST 3 WEEKS!!! I make way under $15/hr, and it just isn’t right.


    • Hi Matt. Glad that the campaign means so much to you. You are right that it is not fair and many workers involved know your struggle of few hours. Please email us at fightfor15(at)gmail(dot)com. We will get in touch with you and hopefully active in the cause!

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